The Kingdom of León-Castilla
under King Alfonso VI, 1065-1109

Bernard F. Reilly


 Chapter One : The Reconstitution of León-Castilla
 Chapter Two : The Three Kingdoms: Galicia
 Chapter Three : The Three Kingdoms: Castilla
 Chapter Four : The Three Kingdoms: León
 Chapter Five : León-Castilla Reunited and the Annexation of the Rioja
 Chapter Six : King and Cult (1076-1080)
 Chapter Seven : The Reconquista (1076-1081)
 Chapter Eight : Court, Church, and Politics (August 1076-September 1086)
 Chapter Nine : The Reconquest of Toledo (1082-1086)
 Chapter Ten : The Dynamics of Defeat (1086-1088)
 Chapter Eleven : The Art of the Possible (1089-1091)
 Chapter Twelve : The Search for a Successor and the Devolution of Power (1092-1096)
 Chapter Thirteen : The King's Good Servants (1092-1099)
 Chapter Fourteen : The Murâbit Assault Renewed (1097-1100)
 Chapter Fifteen : "A Good Offense ... " (1101-1107)
 Chapter Sixteen : A Court of Several Minds (1100-1107)
 Chapter Seventeen : The Ultimate Crisis (1108-1109)
 Chapter Eighteen : Alfonso VI of León-Castilla: A Meditation
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