The Crusader Kingdom of Valencia

Robert Ignatius Burns, S.J.

Appendix I

Civil and Military Chronology

1212 Almohad power crippled by Hispanic states at battle of Las Navas de Tolosa.
1213 Peter I "the Catholic" of Aragon killed at Muret battle; waning of Aragonese hold on Languedoc. James I, minor of five years, is king; reigns from 1217
1225 Abortive attempt on Valencia kingdom; Peñíscola siege.
1229 Balearics crusade; Majorca city falls. Pact with Sacîd of Valencia.
1232 Valencia crusade begins; Morella taken.
1233 Burriana sieged, falls on July 28; much of northern Valencia kingdom follows.
1235 Tarragona metropolitan conquers Ibiza in Balearics.
1236 Monzón general parliament gives new life to Valencia crusade; James begins use of title "King of Valencia."
1237 Pitched battle and Christian victory at Puig, just above Valencia city.
1238 Valencia city sieged, falls (September 28).
1242 Alcira falls.
1244 Játiva sieged, taken. Almizra treaty with Castile.
1245 Biar falls, Murcia border reached; end of crusade.
1248 Valencian Moslems rebel under al-Yazraÿî. In west, Seville falls to Ferdinand.
1258 Corbeil treaty with France, loss of Languedoc claims. Second al-Yazraÿî war.
1262 Prince Peter (b. 1240) marries Constance, Hohenstaufen heir; by now associated in governmental affairs.
1263 Moslem revolts in Andalusia, Murcia, possibly Valencia. Castilians ask Aragonese help.
1265 Expeditions by Prince Peter into Murcia; conquest completed by James I (Murcia city falls, 1266).
1269 Abortive crusade to Holy Land by James I.
1274 James I at ecumenical council of Lyons. Returns to find revolt by Catalan-Aragonese nobles civil disturbances in Valencia city.
1275 Great Moslem revolt in Valencia kingdom.
1276 King James dies at Valencia city (June 27), aged 68. Peter III "the Great" succeeds; Montpellier, Balearics, Roussillon to brother James as separate kingdom.
1277 King Peter pacifies the Valencian Moslem rebels.
1280 Catalan barons revolt; subdued.
1282 "Sicilian Vespers"; King Peter clears Sicily of Angevin-papal forces, is excommunicated.
1285 French crusade invades Aragon; eventually repulsed. Peter III dies (November 11). Alphonse III "the Liberal" (b. 1267) succeeds.
1287 King Alphonse definitively conquers Minorca island.
1291 Alphonse III dies (June 18). Succeeded by his brother, then king of Sicily, James II.