The Consulate of the Sea
and Related Documents

Translated by
Stanley S. Jados



 Preface of Celelles

 Part 1: Procedures Used in the Consulate Courts

Articles 1-47
Part 2: The Beneficial Customs of the Sea
Articles 46-66
Articles 89-129
Articles 130-192
Articles 193-223
Articles 224-246
Articles 247-264
Articles 265-282
Articles 283-297
Part 3: Ordinances Relating to All armed Ships Engaging in Privateering and Armed Naval Expeditions
Articles 298-334
Part 4: Related Documents
Section One: Ordinances of King Peter; Ordinances of the Councilmen of Barcelona Regarding Consuls Stationed in Sicily; Ordinances of the Councilmen of Barcelona Relating to Marine Commerce, proclaimed on the
Twenty-first Day of November, A.D. 1435

Section Two: Various Documents including "Ordinances Recently Enacted by the Councilmen of Barcelona Regarding Marine Insurance"

 Appendix A : List of Emperors, Popes and Caliphs
 Appendix B : Genealogical Tables

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