The Chronicle of Alfonso the Emperor

Glenn Edward Lipskey


[ii] The precepts which I have followed in translating the Chronica Adefonsi Imperatoris have been based upon a consideration of the purpose of the original text. The chronicle was written most essentially for the communication of historical data. Therefore, I have endeavored to produce a translation which fulfills the same objective in English as the original did in Latin. Moreover, I have felt that a translation from Latin into English ought to sound more familiar than strange to the contemporary reader. Accordingly, the aim has been to achieve a literal translation, but not at the expense of literacy. Modifications in sentence structure were necessitated to avoid the abundant lack of subordination in medieval Latin syntax. No attempt has been made to reproduce the metrical configurations of the Latin hexameters in the Poem of Almería. However, my intention has been to retain the poetic tone of the original verses.

I wish to convey here my sincerest gratitude to Professor Edwin J. Webber. This study would never have materialized without his patient guidance and encouragement. I also owe special thanks to Professor John Kenneth Leslie and to Professor Francis Very. The professional assistance and. academic example of all these men have aided me not only in the preparation of this dissertation but also in numerous other matters related to Hispanic culture.