A History of Spain and Portugal
vol. 2
Stanley G. Payne


Chapter 16: The Eighteenth-Century Bourbon Regime in Spain [351]

Chapter 17: Society and Economics in Eighteenth-Century Spain [372] Chapter 18: Portugal in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries [390]  Chapter 19: The War of Independence and Liberalism [415] Chapter 20: The Isabeline Regime and First Democratic Interlude [453] Chapter 21: The Restored Constitutional Monarchy, 1875-1899 [488] Chapter 22: Portugal under the Nineteenth-Century Constitutional Monarchy [513] Chapter 23: The Portuguese Parliamentary Republic [559] Chapter 24: Climax and Collapse of Spanish Liberalism, 1899-1931 [578] Chapter 25: The Second Spanish Republic [630]

Chapter 26: The Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939 [645]

Chapter 27: Portugal under the Salazar Regime [663] Chapter 28: Spain in the Franco Era [684] Bibliography [701]: Please note that the appropriate bibliographical entries are appended at the end of each chapter and do not appear as a separate file.

Maps and Genealogical Chart
1.  Manufacturing in late-eighteenth-century Spain and Portugal
2.  Provincial Divisions of Modern Spain
3.  Modern Portugal
4.  Spanish possessions in Northwest Africa
5.  Expansion of the Nationalist zone, 1936-1939
6.  Physiographic map of the Iberian Peninsula
7.  Genealogical Chart of the Spanish House of Bourbon, 1700-1931

  1.  Felipe V
  2.  Carlos III, by Mengs (El Prado)
  3.  The Charge of the Mamluks (Dos de Mayo), by Goya (El Prado)
  4.  Executions of the Third of May, 1808 (Tres de Mayo), by Goya (El Prado)
  5.  Fernando VII, by Goya
  6.  The Execution of Torrijos, by Antonio Gisbert (Museo de Arte Moderno)
  7.  A depiction of Zumalacárregui mortally wounded
  8.  Don Carlos talking with Liberal prisoners
  9.  Carlists engaged in a mountain battle
10.  Narváez
11.  Prim
12.  Cánovas del Castillo
13.  Alfonso XIII
14.  Antonio Maura
15.  José Canalejas
16.  Primo de Rivera
17.  Franco in Morocco February 1926, at the age of thirty-three, when he became the youngest general in the Spanish army
18.  Revolutionary sailors in the Republican fleet, 1936
19.  Republican troops marching in Barcelona
20.  Republican political and military leaders reviewing troops on the central front near Madrid, November 1937
21.  Franco as Nationalist generalissimo in the Civil War
22.  Launching of a new vessel built for Yugoslavia in the shipyards of El Ferrol
23.  Joao IV the Restorer
24.  Royal convent and palace at Mafra, built by Joao V
25.  Mousinho da Silveira, architect of Portugal's nineteenth-century liberal institutional system
26.  Afonso Costa
27.  Sidonio Pais, short-lived president of the "República Nova," 1917-1918
28.  Dr. António de Oliveria Salazar
29.  The new bridge over the Tejo outside Lisbon

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