The Kingdom of León-Castilla under Queen Urraca

Bernard F. Reilly



 Chapter One : Toward Peninsular Hegemony: León-Castilla in the Eleventh Century
 Chapter Two : The Crisis of the Dynasty and the Aragonese Marriage
 Chapter Three : War with Aragón (1113-1116)
 Chapter Four : Truce with Aragón and the Campaigns in the West and South (1117-1120)
 Chapter Five : Resolution of the Western Problem and the Renewal of the Leonese-Castilian Reconquista (1121-1124)
 Chapter Six : The End of the Reign and the Accessionof Alfonso VII (1124-1126)
 Chapter Seven : Court and Dynasty
 Chapter Eight : Bishops under the Crown
 Chapter Nine : Royal Government: Functions and Resources
 Chapter Ten : Counts and Castellans: Local Government in an Agricultural Society
 Chapter Eleven : The Government of Towns
 Chapter Twelve : The Indomitable Queen
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List of  Abbreviations

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