The Visigothic Code: (Forum judicum)

ed. S. P. Scott

Book IV: Concerning Natural Lineage

Title I: Concerning the Degrees of Relationship

Law I: The Nature of the First Degree.
Law II: The Affinity of the Second Degree.
Law III: The Relationship of the Third Degree.
Law IV: The Consanguinity of the Fourth Degree.
Law V: The Origin of the Fifth Degree.
Law VI: The Limits of the Sixth Degree.
Law VII: The Persons in the Seventh Degree who are not Mentioned by the Laws.

Title II: Concerning the Laws of Inheritance

Law I: Brothers and Sisters shall Share Equally in the Inheritance of their Parents.
Law II: The Children shall Come First in the Order of Succession.
Law III: Where there are no Heirs in the Direct Line, Collateral Heirs shall Inherit the Property.
Law IV: Who shalt Succeed to the Property of Those who have left no Written Wills, or have made no Disposition of their Possessions in the Presence of Witnesses.
Law V: Concerning Inheritance by Brothers and Sisters, and by such of these as are not descended from the same Parents.
Law VI: Where he who dies leaves Grandfathers or Grandmothers.
Law VII: Where he who Dies leaves Aunts.
Law VIII: Where he who Dies leaves Nephews.
Law IX: A Woman shall be entitled to a Share in an Entire Inheritance.
Law X: As a Woman has a Right to a Share of an Entire Inheritance, so he who is next in Succession shall Inherit the Remainder of the Property.
Law XI: Concerning the Inheritance of Husband and Wife, respectively.
Law XII: Concerning the Inheritance of Property from Clerks and Monks.
Law XIII: After the Death of their Mother, Children shall remain under Control of their Father; and What Disposition he shall make of their Property.
Law XIV: Where a Mother remains a Widow, she shall have an Equal Portion of the inheritance with her Children; and How a Mother ought to Dispose of the Property of her Children.
Law XV: No Wife can lay Claim to what her Husband has Gained by the Labor of her Slaves.
Law XVI: Concerning such Property as the Husband and Wife, together have Accumulated during their Married Life.
Law XVII: In what way a Child may Inherit Property.
Law XVIII: How the Parents of a Child can Inherit from Him.
Law XIX: Concerning Posthumous Children
Law XX: He who leaves no Children, has full Power to Dispose of his Property as he Pleases.

Title III: Concerning Wards and Their Guardians

Law I: What a Minor Is.
Law II: From what date Time is to be Computed in Bringing Lawsuits relating to Minors.
Law III: How the Guardianship of Wards shall be Entered upon; what Portion of their Property they shall Receive, and what Portion shall be Given to their Guardians.
Law IV: Guardians shall have no Right to Exact from Wards in their Charge any Instruments in Writing whatever.

Title IV: Concerning Foundlings

Law I: Where Anyone Casts Away, or Abandons, a Freeborn Child, he shall Serve as its Slave.
Law II: Where a Male or Female Slave shall be proved to have Cast Away a Child, with, or without the Knowledge of his or her Master.
Law III: What Compensation for Support anyone shall Receive for the Bringing up of a Child committed to his Care by its Parents.

Title V: Concerning Such Property as is Vested by the Laws of Nature

Law I: Concerning the Disinheriting of Children; and What Disposition Parents should make of their Property.
Law II: What Part of her Dowry a Woman has a Right to Bequeath.
Law III: What Property Parents should Bestow upon their Children, at the Time of their Marriage.
Law IV: Concerning Children Born of Different Parents; and What Distinctions Parents may Make in the Disposition of their Estates.
Law V: Concerning such Property as Children may have Acquired during the Lives of their Parents.